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WebOS 1.3.1 Update Fixes Google “My Contacts” syncing issue

Well folks, my NuevaSync Google Contacts syncing workaround has served me well since the Pre launched on June 6th.  I checked before I went to bed and found this article Tonight, Palm released WebOS 1.3.1 to Sprint customers here in the U.S.  Among it’s many fixes read this line: If you set up Contacts …

WebOS 1.3.1 Update Fixes Google “My Contacts” syncing issue Read More »

Palm Pre: Troubleshooting NuevaSync / Google Contacts

Judging my my blog stats, my post on setting up your Palm Pre to Sync only the Google “My Contacts” group via Nuevasync is pretty popular. I hope there are some people out there who have it setup and working for them.

In the comments, I’ve tried to help a couple of people who were having problems. I decided that a follow up blog entry on troubleshooting would be a worthwile endevor.

As people report new problems, I’ll try to keep this entry updated.

T-SQL: Calculating number of weekdays between two dates

Tonight someone tweeted trying to find a ColdFusion or SQL solution to counting the number of weekdays (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) between two dates. Most of the solutions online involving looping over the date range and adding to a counter if that iteration of the loop is a weekday.

That’s fine for small ranges, but not if you need to test dates that span many years. Anyway, here’s a SQL solution. It’s late, so hopefully the comments in the code suffice. It should be straightforward to rewrite this in ColdFusion.

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