Palm Pre App Writing Looks Straightforward

Update: Anyone wanting to know the nitty-gritty on WebOS App development needs to head over to

I’m excited to see all of the work being done on and on Palm Pre hacking/development.  One of my main reasons for Palm Pre excitement was the notion that I’d be able to build apps without learning Objective-C or some other language.

I’m just not THAT into doing web development all day at work and then coming home to learn a new language.  Actually, I prefer not to look at my home computer much at all.

I guess the first “real” homebrew app was released today … a Tip Calculator.  Check it out here:  I downloaded the source code and looked around a little bit.  Looks pretty approachable.  I will probably put my Pre in to Programmer’s mode (or just download the image) and see what other application source code I can look through.

I guess it’s time for me to pick up a Javascript framework  (prototype, mootools, etc) and start messing around with it.  I’ve never done any MVC Javascript programming, but I suppose my Adobe Flex experience will pay off from an architecture standpoint.

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